When a guy pulls out to cum and it shoots over the girls head without hitting her.
Dude! I was so horny I overshot!
by Squirtle 2.0 December 12, 2016
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When performing a Golden Handshake (definition on this site), one pretends to accidentally overshoot the forearms, faking apologies the whole time, but continuing to soak the would-be business partner's torso and legs in piss until one's bladder is completely emptied (excusing it all with "once I start I can't stop--it burns"). This technique is often used as a subtle form of mockery of the would-be business deal, or a way to express doubts of the profitability of the alliance.
Eager to seal the deal, Henry agreed to the Golden Handshake but was somewhat hurt when John surprised him with the Golden Overshot.
by BigLud May 22, 2014
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When you are trying to dose out your medicinal cannabis and you take too much.
"I physically can't get off the couch, I was taking my meds and I overshot the landing."
by Halloweenie06 October 24, 2017
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Hooking up with someone more attractive than you. Dating someone higher class than you.
If you’re an average guy hooking up with a supermodel you really overshot your sheets.
by Harveyorles May 7, 2019
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