A female with a penis. She lures you in for sex, but little does the unsuspecting guy know her package is bigger :p

commonly found at www.4chan.org as a purposeful mispelling of "Trap"
(girl undresses)
(Guy)"OMG!! IT'S A TARP!!"
(guy cuts himself)
by DanaF April 24, 2006
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TARP (n), an acroynym originally known as the "Troubled Assets Relief Program" in which the US Treasury provided tax dollars to ailing financial institutions without any linked requirements or accountability. Tarp may also be used as a verb, to tarp, which implies an action or activity void of accountability.
I don't feel like working so I'm going to the beach and tarp all responsibility.
by RichM Davis January 11, 2009
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Synonym for Shirt, t-shirt, tank top or anything you wear on the upped half of your body.
-Yo bro! Where'd you get that sweet tarp?

-I bought it at the tarp store.
by matmo February 10, 2010
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A trick, or when someone has been fooled.
'I was totally tarped last night by that barman giving me doubles instead of singles!'

'We need to tarp her into thinking he wont be back til later'

A ladyboy is a tarp. You think its a woman but really its a bloke.
by Oracalette March 1, 2012
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Thank you or thanks. Usually said (or written) around S/W London or Surrey.
"pass me that - tarp"
by Random geezer... August 19, 2009
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The equivalence to 1.5 beers
Dude, that guy got hammered on only one Tarp.
by Punxataney Phil January 9, 2018
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