Tits, Ass, & Pussy

Abbreviation used when you can't use the words in a public forum, especially online.
Man, I typed "backdoor entry" into Google and got a bunch of TAP. It was hot!
by hooverit March 09, 2012
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About to go to sleep
“Yo Bro I’m about to tap 💤”
by Steelo35 March 20, 2019
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A game commonly played among two or more male friends where take it in turns to point or suggest someone to engaged in sexual intercourse with. One person points or suggests someone and says 'tap? ' , and the other(s) either reply with 'tap' or 'no tap'.
Evan to Finn: *pointing towards person* "Tap?"
Finn to Evan: "Tap" *Nods head*
by ScruffyNuffy July 03, 2018
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To go to sleep or to take a long nap after a long day.
I’m gone call you back later I’m finna tap.
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by Ari.tocold April 10, 2019
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A reference to the military bugle call used to express empathy or respect for something catastrophic. (Similar in form to “R.I.P” and “f”)
“Hey, I crashed my car earlier today so it’s gonna be in the shop for awhile”
“TAPs to that, sorry mate”
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by meta-return-meta September 30, 2018
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