When your in a orgy and you pull out and swing your dick in a circle cumming on every girls face
“I was in an orgy last night and they all wanted my cum so I gave them the Rasenshuriken”
by Nightmare_Shenpai September 26, 2018
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Also see Fuuton Rasenshuriken

Naruto's most powerful modification of the Rasengan so far. It requires 4 shadow clones to create, and resembles a large shuriken made of rotating air.

The Rasenshuriken can be thrown medium-range distances, but it is easy to dodge. If it hits however, it causes massive cellcular damage as tiny blades of wind literally cut each individual cell. An almost certain kill if it is a direct hit.

The jutsu is so powerful that it damages Narutos hand when he holds it, and Tsunade warns Naruto that if he uses it too much it could seriously damage his hand.

Naruto has said that this modification is still not the final form of the Rasengan, and that it is still only at 50% strength.
"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"
by Anonymoustard February 21, 2008
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Naruto's new version of Rasengan, but in shape of a shuriken. It requires four clones to create it. It can be used like Rasengan, but can be hurled towards an opponent. If thrown, it can be easily dodged. If the jutsu hits you, it is certain that it will cause massive damage, then it will blow up if it succeeds.
Naruto: Shadow clone jutsu! Naruto: Wind style: Rasenshuriken! Pain (Tendo): ...
by Lord 7th December 19, 2017
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when you pull your dick out right as you are about to ejaculate in sexual intercourse and swing it in circles while you ejaculate.
"We were doing reverse cowgirl and I rasenshurikened that bitch"
by chowder0213 December 29, 2021
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