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A step below a nerd. Geeks spend their time on video games and movies, while nerds spend their time in the library.
Guy 1: Look at the nerd over there. He won't shut up about Resident Evil 5.

Guy 2: No, he's not a nerd. He's a geek.

by Dark Soul X April 25, 2009
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A step above a geek. Nerds devote most, if not all their time to intellectual things.
"Because of my fascination with Quantum Physics, I was labeled a geek. This is an incorrect statement as "geeks" devote their time to video games and movies such as World of Warcraft and Star Wars.

I am a nerd, as I focus my attention on more intellectual matters."

-Proud Nerd
by Dark Soul X April 25, 2009
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A condition in which a person speaks unintelligibly, and often times having no idea what the fuck he's talking about himself. Coined from the music artist Sean Paul, the creator and original host of this condition. There's only two ways to cure SPS:

1. Beating the person on the head until they speak English.
2. Brain surgery.
Symptoms of Sean Paul Syndrome may include:

1. Incoherent speech
2. Inability to know what you're talking about
3. Saying UH-OH! a lot
4. General annoyingness
by Dark Soul X July 30, 2009
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Used to imply that one's words are utterly and undeniably true, and that it needs to be quoted in order to ensure that the point is proven.
"Pluto Nash was an abomination...Quoted For Truth and Great Justice."
by Dark Soul X August 29, 2009
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To be forced over a medium to long distance, preferably by a huge hulking monster, ala Left 4 Dead.
"Damn, dude, I was playing football and I got tanked trying to make a touchdown."
by Dark Soul X December 16, 2009
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