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Insanely large testicals, almost to a freakish make me wanna cry extent.
Guy 1:I knew this guy whose nuts were so big he had to get them shaved to join the navy

Guy 2: dude that guy had some major tamblyns
by Someguy May 02, 2004
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Boy;What did u get me for Christmas ?
Guy: oh let me go look in the dumpster for you there buddy .
Boy: you are such a tamblyn
by The boy or the victim December 18, 2016
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When someone makes it their mission to disguard a perfectly acceptable amount of alcohol in a random space/place.
It is when someone opens another beer when there is a small amount of beer left in their bottle/can and claim that it is either empty or the dregs/backwash
Verb - "Don't be a Tamblyn, go finish your beer before you start a new one"

Verb - "There's loads of Tamblyn left in that."

Noun - "There is a little Tamblyn left in that beer"
by 574904 September 17, 2018
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