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a mysterious minded beautiful free spirited young lady, has big brown eyes, juicy lips, and a full figure. She's the homie and guys appeal to her sense of humor and glowing smile. Very smart and very chill. Kinda weird. Will eat anything literally. Has an eclectic taste in music. Perfection.
chill beautiful funny music
Guy: There's this girl, Tamari. She's so...I don't know man. But she's different. Ass fat too.
Guys friend: Dang, hold on to her bro.
by Ijwmpaftbalmbh2 December 05, 2016
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a silent spaz who likes to blob around all day long, eating pints of ice cream and talking to people on the phone
boy: sooooo, what did you end up doing today?
girl: not muuuuuuchh... stayed home and did a tamari
by tamari234 May 29, 2008
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