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When having a talk about deep matters and you don't want others to hear and abruptly someone comes to hear what your conversation is about.
1. James and Ryan were having a conversation about girls in their class and Sally came and totally talkblocked them forcing them to change the conversation and continue elsewhere.

2. Chris and Peter were chilling in their room talking about whether or not they would get baked but Peter's mom burst open the door leaving them to talk about other matters. She was a huge talkblock!
by BaAAmUrFACE December 08, 2011
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The act of impeding in on a conversation, essentially killing any vibe that may have been present.
"As soon as awkward Scott joined the group of us who had just met the girls, he totally talked blocked the conversation."

"Ceph was just about to bag that pregnant girl until her friend came over and talk blocked him."

"Jabroni is totally hitting on that girl I was talking to earlier, I'm gonna go ask him how his herpes is doing and talk block him."
by JoeBro13 November 17, 2008
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To change the subject at the request of a friend who doesn't want to discuss something uncomfortable in a large social setting. I.e. if someone brings up your friend's boyfriend and they just broke up, or her job and she just got let go, you talk-block and change the subject quickly.
Hey, if someone asks me about work tonight, will you talk-block? I don't want to talk about how I just got fired...
by Editorgal January 24, 2014
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To completely interrupt someone and talk about something else, for no apparent reason.
Nick: "One time I was going over to..."
Tyler: "Hey did you catch the game last night?"
Ryan: "You just talk blocked Nick!"
by Ryan likes waffles November 13, 2007
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one step worse than a cock block. When a person interferes with other people getting acquainted. Talk blocks do not allow themselves to be elevated to the status of a cock block by ruining any chances before you even get to drop your name, leaving you shut down without the remote possibility of a sexual encounter, now or ever.
I got talk blocked by the fat bitch in the spandex.
by JSpyder August 15, 2007
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(V.) To stand in the middle of a group of people talking and face your back to someone, thus blocking that person from being in conversation.
Tene: One time I had a turkey...(Mary walks into the circle with her back turned to him and starts talking to someone else.)
Everyone: Mary get out of the middle of the circle you're talk-blocking Tene...again.
by polo1995 September 02, 2011
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occurs when one is trying to catch up with a friend and discuss dirt, but said friend's significant other enters the room and conversation must shift to "appropriate" topic so as not to upset the significant other or lead to unwanted interrogation. Significant other has "talk blocked" your conversation. Talk Blocker may also be any third party who walks into a conversation that the original parties do not want to share info with.
We were laughing about the parties we went to in college when her husband came in and talk blocked everything.

I couldn't wait to talk about what I wanted to do to him, but then his sister showed up and talk blocked, and we got stuck discussing her kids for an hour.
by liaCNA June 13, 2010
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