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v. to take one for the team is best seen in the example.

also known as: "jumping on the grenade"
Joe and his four other male friends go to a bar. They come across four very hot women, and one ugly one. Joe, being the good and pure one to his friends, gets with the ugly one to spare his friends the agony.

Buddy 1: "Hey, have you guys seen Joe?"

Buddy 2: "Yea i saw him an hour ago, he left with a real fat grenade"

Buddy 3: "That Joe guy is a good man cause he always takes one for the team"
by Reggie Regg November 23, 2003
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"Yeah I know, she was pretty ugly. But I was wasted so I figured what the hell? I was taking one for the team."
by swiss February 14, 2005
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When you and your friends have just smoked a delious bowl and your glass piece is clogged with weed, making it impossible to take a monster rip and someone decides to make a stand and unclog the piece. They do so by sucking in as violently as possible sucking in any buds that may be clogging your inhaling mechanism. He then makes a face of disgust and opens his mouth and shows his tongue. His tongue is covered in ash. He has sacraficed himself in order for the smoking session to run faster and more effiecent.
-"Dude, whats going on, I barely got anything off that hit"
-"I was afraid of this."
-"Afraid of what?"
_"I must 'Take one for the team'"
-"You brave little soldier"
by Jake September 22, 2004
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Essentially getting with the most hideous out of a group of potential mates. Typically used in male circles about women, calling this individual the grenade. Doing this would allow for friends to get some.
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by CaptainKekon August 12, 2018
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