Code for having to take a shit
After I go running I'm going to be taking a breath

Man, eating all these double cheeseburgers is going to make me have to take a giant breath
by Phyllis Birkenfloyd December 2, 2009
The Weeknd’s latest song (as of when this was uploaded), from his Upcoming album.
yo have you listened to take my breath yet?
yeee absolute banger
by Donan (Arsenal Tryhard) August 17, 2021
The Weeknd’s latest song as of the time this is uploaded,from his upcoming album.
yo have you listened to Take My Breath yet?
Yeee absolute banger.
by Donan (Arsenal Tryhard) August 17, 2021
song from top gun, that stupid fucking movie where goose dies and tom cruise pretends to make out with a woman even though everyone knows he's gay because he was talking to iceman in the lockerroom wearing only a towel.
(take my breath away)
take my breath a-waay
oooo oooo oooooooo
ooo oooo ooooooooo
by fuckingshitthisisannoying April 3, 2006
Short for, Take deep breaths it will go quicker.
Used when somebody farts in a small room, lift etc.
In Crowded lift.
Grunty: Prrrrrwwumph
Grunty's Friend: Eugh! That stinks.
Grunty: Take deep breaths...
by Blue Cawdrey November 20, 2004