A term for a group of 11 things
A dozen, if you take one away
Mike said he was bringing two six packs to the party, but he showed up with a Taker's Dozen: he drank one on the way
by July 10, 2022
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this word means that the person you are referring to suffers from mental retardation.
I'm Going on a date with Molly the moron so im gonna taker to da zoo, caz retards love da zoo.
by Jay Crew jr January 8, 2008
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When a chick gets ran through in highschool so you wait in line for your turn
Akash Singh aka (Cash money) is a sloppy 100 taker finally puts his Johnson inside a cum filled trash bag.
by Akash aka Cash money May 22, 2022
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person who loves anime and K-pop the same
I love BTS´s but I love SAO too, Do you think am I a k-taker?
by ALEMERPON December 9, 2016
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The feeling you get after you take a test or quiz and realize you made some costly mistakes.
I suffered from a nasty bout of test taker's remorse after that Calculus quiz.
by Cummy worm April 16, 2016
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