One who is always taking from others, similar to a mooch or chiseler. In most cases takers aren't stealing, they are just taking advantage of the hospitality of others without reciprocating or saying thanks.
James: Kirk's a taker, he just took the last beer and now he's leaving.
Kirk: James is a chiseler, he's always trying to get something for nothing.
by Siwash Calypso January 11, 2008
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Someone who always takes from other people and never gives back.
Jason always comes in my room to play FIFA, always loses, and never says thank you for letting him play. He is such a taker.

Jason always takes my chicken nuggets, that I took the time out to make. What a taker.
by DROGBA! March 4, 2009
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noun - someone who likes it in the backdoor usually very often
Joey is a taker, he loves getting it in the butt
by Jon November 12, 2003
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One who takes
Man 1: Hey that's not your cheese

Man 2: Scew you, I'm a taker
by UltimatePotato March 14, 2019
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A girl who gets around lot. Probably from Kent and is also a bit chavy.
by Daveyboy June 6, 2003
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A person who uses people and does not like to reciprocate niceness.
Matt is a taker for not sharing his home grown pineapple after all the rides we have given him to and from work and to his loser substance abuse class
by ILUVBOX1212 August 10, 2010
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A way of saying goodbye. Shortened form of "take it easy" or "taker easy"
by Feesh Dawg May 10, 2006
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