used when saying goodbye to family and friends. To be careful.
Take care! See you next week!
Take care when driving in icy conditions.
by Neemaa February 8, 2012
A real nifty phrase that should be carefully utilized only in situations where other, more colorful, words do not have a place. For example, when an a**hole is being dismissive or ignoring their sh*tty behavior, you may use to this phrase as a way to say “you’re a piece of sh*t, f*ck off until you realize what an a**hole you were”.

Also doubles as a good way to tell someone that you are disappointed they forgot your birthday and instead of apologizing for it, decided to start an argument.
Example: I was really disappointed by the lack of care you showed recently, and the fact that you decided to argue instead of making it right really hurt. TAKE CARE.
by SkRRRRat November 10, 2022
A nice and deceiving way of telling someone to ultimately fuck off!
1- thank you for your time. Goodbye
2- take care
by PlumCrazy0408 September 26, 2014
Usually simply another way of saying bye. But in some cases, this word is said when for example cutting someone off, when talking to someone you really don't wanna hear from again, or telling someone you're taken or have moved on. In basic, it's another way of saying see you around or kick rocks.

It's the bye you say when you don't wanna f*ck with a certain person anymore.
I'm seeing your best friend now, and we're getting married in June. Take care!

P1: You're a police officer now?
P2: Yeah, been on the force for 8 years now.
P1: Never would have thought you the type, what with that incident back in the day...
P2: Riiiiight....take care.
by Kuahmel January 24, 2009
To exterminate, or kill. Usually a mob term.
"You want me to take care of her, boss?"
by kristyvictoria March 18, 2005
A catchy phrase you can use to part with your cheating boyfriend who acts like the victim while he hurt you.
Quavo:I had love for you and disappointed you did all that. You are not the woman I thought you were. I wish you nothing but the best🙏.
Saweetie: Take care
by @Lilblackgirlpe March 20, 2021
A term often used as a closing line in official government emails, but misunderstood by the guy at the depot as a definish dans dat Urban Dictionary. I guess this definition fulfills their belief. Damn, you gots me!
"guy, Im really looking forward to the definish of takes care in!"