An artist (rapper) new to the game her first hit single "Icy Girl" blew up and got a lot of attention so did her song "My Type" She is a cancer and has dated other famous and well-known people such as Justin combs, Keith powers, Quavo. She's mostly hated on for sampling songs from the '90s.
Aaliyah: "Did you just hear saweetie's new album?? *plays* tell us what you think"
Teyana: " Ouuuuu okay saweetie I see you becoming a better artist I like this ill add it to my playlist"
Christian: "it's not even that good."
Teyana&Aaliyah : " You sound like a hater :/ stfu"
by ICYWIFEYTINGZ August 26, 2021
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A lady rapper that’s very epic 😎
Person 1: I like saweetie’s music
Person 2: ok
Person 3: microwave 💃🏽
by I.don’t.know T.T July 6, 2021
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the best way to address someone, can also be used when surprised about something, sounds especially good in a bear voice, what you'd call someone who's saweet
by bita March 10, 2005
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