Of an extreme elite, or greater type than the regular type.
You're mom was so krystalized, I couldn't handle myself.
by Krystalized0 February 16, 2011
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A beautiful girl who is very loyal, outgoing and intelligent.
Wow, that girl is awesome, she must be a Krystale! :)
by Lisa1967 November 22, 2014
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A girl that’s been through hell and back but won’t let a soul see it. She keeps up on the ones she loves. Deep down just needs someone to show her just as much love as she’s willing to share herself.
If I ever need someone to talk to I know krystall will be there
by Miagar June 19, 2020
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An amazing mother and woman. Works hard to make her children her number one priority. Beautiful beyond measure and kindness that never ends. you wont find a better friend out there. sexy and passionate don't begin to describe her. she is grace and beauty in public and sexy with a fire that wont be quenched at home. A piece of coal put under enough pressure turns into a diamond. This more than anything else describes her. Even though she has been through some hard times and been under pressure she shines brighter than any diamond around and like a diamond, though she may be cut she never breaks, and every cut makes her shine brighter. Her personality is strong and shines enough to brighten any room.
krystal is beautiful and amazing.
by bBbbBBBBADKLFJASDLK;FJAbb June 26, 2017
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a gorgeous girl who knows how to make a guy hard, very competitive and fears losing anything. her innocent little face on the outside and on the inside a happy fuzzbubbly little girl. you'll all adore her but she's hot as fuck when she's angry. when she says she hates you it means she truly loves you and you are the most luckiest person in the world. if you find a krystal hold onto her, she knows how to make a dude happy.. with her words and her body ;)
bob: she's hot..

fred: of course she is, thats krystal
by isabellaisnotokay May 6, 2018
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A beautiful, intelligent, and sweet girl who will steal your heart from the moment you lay eyes on her. She has beautiful long brown hair and glimmering big brown eyes. Her smile is so beautiful she'll make you smile just by looking at her. She's the most perfect girl and cares for everyone.
Isaiah: Dang look at that girl Krystal
Oscar: Yeah she's mine
Isaiah: Your really lucky
by simplyyme January 3, 2012
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A beautiful tall, sporty girl. She loves to speak and express herself, and she likes to argue. She loves to be in love, regardless of anything. Her smile can light up a room, it is so radiant. She is funny, and loves to make people laugh!! she is decent and conservative, and somewhat mysterious.
Damn did you see that Krystal??? her smile made my day, I love her
by dujali1234 March 7, 2013
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