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That’s you bud.
Used in many different scenarios and situations
Can replace literally any word
“Dude you’re so damn fat
by Tybmeister779 October 03, 2017
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"Take your bitch"
The name of a gang created by the infamous and swag *cough* *cough*, Cole West, Nick and Jason Hinton. Although the gang is well know throughout the McKinney suburb from which it originated, it is not respected and is often laughed at. The gang is often associated as a group of wanna-be badasses who in reality are a bunch of tools and pussies.
Person: Oh man he's so cool he should join T.Y.B.!
Group of people: LOLOL!
by Mactown567 November 24, 2011
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Simply means, "Take Your Bitch." It can be used as a verb or as a noun. Taking ANY girl from her man is not easy, for some. Not everybody can successfully mange to tyb the ladies, many don't possess the looks nor the cockiness to tyb any girl. A tyb has to be pulled nonchalantly, i.e. you have to have game and can never seem desperate. It can also occur when a group of guys tyb the very same girl, very common.
tyb bru: Yo B, look at the bitch she is sexy!
tyb bro: Bet, ima tyb.
by BMeiggs July 12, 2009
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"thank you, bro"

In response to "cool story, bro" (csb).
person 1: yeah man i just got a new PS3
person 2: csb
person 1: tyb
by gnarlycs October 15, 2011
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word used by fuckboy guatos who drive hondas and have relationship problems. TYB means "take your bitch" and is a gang originated between Africa and Guatemala
person 1:#Tyb gang gang squaaaaaadddd mane
person 2:bet
by thehornymuffin May 14, 2015
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