TRT is an abbreviation of 'The Random Thread'. Originally from, TRT is a place for the more awesome and elite members of the forum to hang out, posting jokes, videos, pictures, stories, and generally socializing. The original TRT is over 10,000 pages long (with 10 posts per page).
Some random crap from the most recent few pages of the original TRT:
jawn: By this time tomorrow I should be stoned. Woot!
Porkstar-colony: hugs not drugs
jawn: Schmooze instead of booze
Spongebomb: shoes instead of poos.
Porkstar-colony: Me instead of you.
a bird that sits on an airplane
bmxer456: as this is a random thread we can make a topic to talk bout on the new frame i am buying........
Spongebomb: Get out.
Ross: What? We don't ride bikes, well most of us do...some don't.
by fluorescent May 29, 2009
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TRT is an acronym for Text Response Time. It is the amount of time someone takes to respond and send a text message from when they receive a text message.
Maia responded back to my text one minute later, she has mad TRT, but Eric took all day long to reply back to my text, his TRT stinks.
by Wreckless86 August 11, 2010
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An abbreviation for "Treat Reaching Tool." First created with a wire coat hanger by Ava and Mike to obtain a cookie from a vending machine. It was then used for other such heists like the capture of Mr. Bigs and Jube Jubes. It was also technologically developed into the "Turbo TRT," which is a TRT with a masking tape handle. The TRT is a fashionable tool to get you treats and save you money. Wire coat hangers are ideal, but many different varieties of this tool can be found in almost any environment.
"Oh I'll TRT that out REAL GOOD!!!"
by FUCKINMIKE April 22, 2006
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Toyota Racing Team, a team which has nearly 20 members
86L,86T, 85, sw20 ,mrs, sxe110
by kaka February 17, 2005
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Totally random thoughts

When thoughts completely off topic of what you're currently doing pop in your head and a completely new thought trail comes from it.
I was writing lyrics for a new song when my friends ex from two years ago popped in my head. I wonder what she's doing, if she's available, and would my friend be pissed if....smh, wow were'd those trts come from?!
by okay...sure January 28, 2013
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The act of slapping somebody around with a trout. It originated in IRC channels.
Name2 has joined #channel
<NAME1> trt Name2
by Pac)Man October 21, 2004
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That bro is trt in my face right after foul is called on basketball court.
by tmay December 27, 2015
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