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The asscrack of dawn is the time of day just before the crack of dawn when it is just about still dark; it is the time at which one might get out of bed if attending an urgent appointment at the crack of dawn.
John woke up at the asscrack of dawn with the intent to get to the shops just as they opened for the post-christmas sales in order to avoid getting trampled buy eager bargain-hunters.
by fluorescent April 17, 2009

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A stealth bomber is a shit so big that it touches the water in the toilet bowl before actually detaching itself from one's anus. The result is that the turd passes from A to B completely noiselessly and with total stealth.
"The gent's toilets were out of order so I was forced to use a cubicle in the ladies', I was that desperate. A few girls came in whilst I was in there, but luckily my shit was so big it was a stealth bomber. They didn't suspect a thing"
by fluorescent August 20, 2009

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TRT is an abbreviation of 'The Random Thread'. Originally from bmx-forum.com, TRT is a place for the more awesome and elite members of the forum to hang out, posting jokes, videos, pictures, stories, and generally socializing. The original TRT is over 10,000 pages long (with 10 posts per page).
Some random crap from the most recent few pages of the original TRT:
jawn: By this time tomorrow I should be stoned. Woot!
Porkstar-colony: hugs not drugs
jawn: Schmooze instead of booze
Spongebomb: shoes instead of poos.
Porkstar-colony: Me instead of you.
a bird that sits on an airplane
bmxer456: as this is a random thread we can make a topic to talk bout on the new frame i am buying........
Spongebomb: Get out.
Ross: What? We don't ride bikes, well most of us do...some don't.
by fluorescent May 29, 2009

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The ultimate solution to any problem which may arise with anything or anyone in any situation.
Dumb carpenter: Shit, there's a sharp nail sticking out of the door frame.
Genius: Hit it with a hammer.

Dumb mechanic: Dude, help me out here, the piston's stuck, I can't-
Genius: Hit it with a hammer.

Dumb window cleaner: I think you spilled paint on this window, it won't clean.
Genius: Hit it with a hammer.

Dumb romantic: She's so right for me, if only she could see it too.... we could be amazing together... I just don't know what I'm supposed to d-
Genius: Hit it with a hammer.
by fluorescent July 18, 2009

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An Urban Dick is an Urban Dictionary user who spends time slagging off all the definitions for words like 'epic', 'facepalm', 'fail' and other similar terms which are used frequently all over the internet. An urban dick will class all of these terms as 'overused' and will often bitch and moan about the fact that so many people have written definitions for such words; what an urban dick may fail to realize is that they are actually just adding to the large number of definitions, with an even worse definition of their own (see example #1).
An urban dick may feel that they are more 'hip' or 'cool' or just feel superior to others; 'because having an alternative opinion is totally cool!'
The average urban dick may try and make up something philosophical in a meager attempt to bring somebody around to their point of view and get at least one 'thumbs up' (see example #2).
The irony about Urban Dicks is that they commonly complain about users of urban dictionary who spend all day on here writing 'pointless' definitions, whilst more often than not, they are the ones who spend all day on the site, in a futile attempt to spread their ego as far and wide across the site as they can.
#1, from a definition of 'Epic': the most overused word ever, next to fail. for even more asshole points...

#2, from a definition of 'Religion':
Everyone needs to feel superior somehow, and if you can prove you're better than a great segment of the world population, then you will most likely engage in an activity similar to what's been done here.

FOR MORE EXAMPLES, simply browse through definitions of widespread internet terms and skip to the last page for each, where you will find all the moaning from the Urban Dicks.
by fluorescent April 20, 2009

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Cush'n for Push'n - the abbreviated and rhyming form of the phrase 'Cushion for pushing', which refers to any 'cushioning' around the genital area of a female, including pubic hair and excess fat, which may provide 'cushioning' when having intercourse.
John: Dude, did you bang that fat chick you were with last night?
Bob: What? She wasn't fat, she just had a little cush'n for push'n, y'know?
by fluorescent April 18, 2009

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Outbox Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder suffered by text messages. Much like the human equivalent, agoraphobia, outbox agoraphobia is where the text message suffers from panic attacks in the public, and so decides it best to stay in the relative safety of the outbox.
The condition is most commonly caused by lack of mobile reception and/or lack of mobile credit.
Side effects of the disorder include anxiety of the phone owner themself as they don't recieve a reply, and then annoyance as they realize the text is still sitting in their outbox ready to resend an hour later.
text conversation:
17.31-Phoebe: What time is the table booked for? x
18.26-Phoebe: James? What time is it booked for? x
18.27-James: Oh sorry! It was for 6pm, I thought you were late, I sent you a reply earlier but it had outbox agoraphobia! x
by fluorescent June 22, 2009

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