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Abbreviation of Turkey. But you probably did not expect this definition among all the weird ones
I flew to TR yesterday.

Really! Where did you land?

In Denizli Γ‡ardak Airport
by JoshIsGood December 09, 2018
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Acronym of Tuesday and Thursday.
Antonym of MWF (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Usually used in post secondary education scheduling.
I have calculus on MWF and psychology on TR.
by Webster's Dictionary Sucks January 06, 2012
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To read urban dictionary and find yourself the subject matter.

Also, to become depressed as a result of the find
"Fuck, I checked urban dictionary and got T.R.ed"

"Someone really T.R.ed me with that entry"

"Damn, whoever put that in, just T.Red your ass"
by Street Chalk 47 July 15, 2009
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(N.) A pretentious asshole, a one-uper, elitist
(V.) To do someone wrong, to be angry at someone for no reason, to treat someone like garbage.
You better get my six-pack before I T.R. yo ass, son!
by 962AMU August 16, 2008
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Stands for "totes rufus". Rufus means awesome / cool / groovy stuff like that. And totes means totally. Rufus comes from the film "Never Been Kissed" starring Drew Barrymore.
Do you like my my new haircut?
Yeah it's totes rufus! / Yeah it's tR
by Lord Voldemort is watching you January 02, 2012
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Tower Rats.....Kids that come from the Tower District in southern fresno. Usually teens that are Punks, Grungies, jugallos, Skinheads, & Deathrockers. Teens usually ranging between the age 14-20+ They're probablly the chillest kids you'll ever meet. They all dispise trendy kids, bitches, snitches, and assholes. The majority of them spend the weekends and weekdays going to shows, smoking pot, cigs, and getting drunk. These guys are down for anything and have your back NO MATTER WHAT!
Hey fuck these trendy clovis fucks!!! Lets go chill with some T.R. (tower rats) :)
by freshhh cuuttt July 14, 2009
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