Spain, spanish slang for friend, mate, buddy, uncle.

"Que pasa tio!"

"Que tal Cabron."
by herbiewa November 17, 2005
Tio is an amazing person and is so tall and loves to play Xbox because she thinks it better than ps. all of her friends are so lucky to have her because she is so kewl and had amazing and has goodfashion sense.
Wow Tio is amazing
by Sebmoyyy February 20, 2019
The sexual act of one partner swallowing a desk bell, waiting several hours, then having the other partner reach in and ring the bell, imitating Tio from Breaking Bad, but up the butt.
Dude, I heard Shiri got Tio'd by Mason last night!
by Justaboxx September 14, 2012
She's not like other girls, she likes anime and videogames. She has a unique sense of fashion and loves obscure rock indie bands. Let's be honest, she most likely has short black hair with bangs.
"Where's Tio?"
"She's in her room reading manga."
by logan, yes homo, sanders July 8, 2019
TIO or 'The Indecent Ones' A group of people, who talk, act or think about being indecent.
"Oh golly, today I thought about groping my favourite singer!"

"Oh how indecent, join TIO old chap"
by Raah January 7, 2008
An acronym which means "team it out". Often used to express sympathy and affection towards another individual.
"He kept asking me to tio, I just couldn't refuse!"
by fakesham February 21, 2022
"Someone got shot outside my house last night, TIO"
by M-com March 28, 2009