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The condition where one loves oneself too much. They will often perform the T - O demonstration in the endzone, while not celebrating with teammates. All actions are for the profit of the individual and not the team/group. They will attempt to committ suicide, only to call it an accident. They will continually fall asleep during meetings, not appologize, only to state that this issue was established when they signed their contract. They will blame their legendary Super Bowl winning ex-coach on their team's downfalls, not their own actions of leading the league in dropped footballs. New forms of TO Syndrome have spread to other individuals including Reggie Bush. In this new condition, one pounds their own poster after they have scored a Touchdown or completed a great accomplishment. They point at the Pro Bowler Brian Urlacher before scoring a Touchdown. They also get drafted 2nd and claim they deserve #1 money.
Terrell Owens, Reggie Bush, Gilbert Arenas are professional athletes with TO syndrome.
by Wes Thompson February 03, 2007
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