"Too Long, Didn't Read"

Appropriate response to a long email in which the author takes too long assembling random, disjointed words into something funny or insightful.
by TooLongNotFunny September 2, 2010
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Time, Location, Date, Reservation Needed?

An alternative to the real TLDR.
Have you ever had someone write you a really unnecessarily long text/email about when you should meet up?

Stop wasting people's time!
Just TLDR!

Emile: Hey Remy! When are we going to lunch?

Remy: 16:30, Gusteau's, 09/23/23, Yes
by mashaprk September 22, 2023
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Top Level Domain Registry, RE:website.xx, 2 letter country codes in websites
I found the tldr for china was .cc
by Bill C March 19, 2003
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Used in response to someone who believes that they are intellectually superior to others and therefore writes long winded, unnecessary opinion pieces on their social media accounts in order to hammer home the fact that they think only their insight on a subject matters.
by captainunicorn February 7, 2016
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too liberal, didn't read.
Someone sent me a link to Obama's life of julia trash, so I had to say TLDR.
by tylertown2312 August 19, 2013
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Too long, did read anyway.
Not to be confused with the antonym TLDNR (meaning too long, did not read).
Used when a post is incredibly wordy but the reader decides to plow through it anyway.
-OMG the OP wrote a novel!
-Yeah but it's relevant to my interests. TLDR.
by versusterminus September 8, 2011
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1. text length DESTROYED RETINAS!

2. text length DESTROYS RETINAS!
1. I actually read all that, but tlDR (text length DESTROYED RETINAS!) Im blind Im blind!!

2. Dude, Im not going to read that because your tlDR (text length DESTROYS RETINAS)!

3. Warning: tlDR (text length DESTROYS RETINAS!)
by AGNT009 February 9, 2011
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