One who posts a reply to a post that indicates they clearly haven't read the original entry.
It was like the guy hadn't read my post at all, he sounded like a total TLDR-tard.
by Nashty2490 September 24, 2013
The Timber park subdivision experienced a severe case of Tldr put on display for all those on the nextdoor app to see.
by Lost delivery March 29, 2022
Something some weird guy with a long ass beard makes up for “too long didn’t read”
Sorry that post you tagged me in was TLDR”
by KaykaymarieFouts October 25, 2018
Was looking it up but it was to long to read
by Breeze6534 May 23, 2020
Stands for 'Too Long Didn't Read'. Typically applies to when a female sends a long paragraph about her emotions and the mansss is no longer whipped enough to respond. Might lead you to be broken up with but you can't rlly be surprised by that.
"I just feel like you never listen to me and ever since..."

"sorry bbyting but that txt woz TLDR ttyl XD"
by iamquitegoodatgolf June 16, 2020
Too Long Dick, its Radioactive.

When his penis is so large you mistake it for a radioactive object.
I was going to fuck Jimmy last night but he's a total tlDr so i had to go get my geiger counter instead
by Long dick lance December 5, 2018