A girl who who has a bf but still sends nudes to other guys cuz shes not loyal
Bro shes w thot i was dating her she sent my bsf a nude
by Savagekidddd June 20, 2018
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A secondary acronym from the original (That Hoe Over There). This version stands for- Turtles Have One Tail.
β€œOne of my turtles’ tail is longer than the others’.”
β€œWhat? I thought all turtles have one tail! Isn’t that what THOT means?”
β€œ... Jerry, we need to have a talk.”
by Icy_Blast July 17, 2019
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a middle schooler/high schooler who has nothing better in life then twerks, do dubsmashes and play dirty. the thot is ussualy not a virgin. and most times, they have a hair clip on/weave
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by queen of thots December 19, 2019
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Men or women who seem to not stop taking or sending nudes. Most are annoying and can not keep their pants on when presented a chance of getting off.
Jimmy is a thot who can't stop messing with his noodle.
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by Itsmelllike boodyhole November 26, 2019
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