Dimas is a very sweet guy. Very understanding and can help you in times of need. When ever you feel down you can always call him to cheer you up. Nicest guy you could ever meet. He is Fun and exciting. And he is also very attractive and handsome. His smile will melt your heart. And his eyes will make you fall in deep love. Once he is in your life you can’t forget about him. He just keeps running in your mind ! Love him and appreciate him
boy: is that your boyfriend ?
girl: yea! His name is Dimas and He is the Best
by pasta is good November 01, 2020
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An alright guy who is cocky af but generally a nice guy. He the guy that comes over every saturday at 6:30 and wants to hangout
Person1: Dimas is here

Person2: Nice, lets invite *friend* over aswell
by PussySucker77 October 04, 2020
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Dimas is a sweet low key nerd who is wierd but in a good way he is mischievous and is so fun to be around
by Pink kink April 06, 2018
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A magician, whenever you look at him, everything else disappears.
A dictionary, adds meaning to your life everyday when you are with him.
A camera, you smile unconsciously when you look at him.

In conclusion, he is an angel, the best boy in the world.
by SecretBerry October 08, 2020
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