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THE artery, noun, thē ˈär-tə-rē

internet meme denoting extremely abstruse writing as well as any absurd situation in general

In the TV action drama series '24' season 7 episode 6, 1-2 p.m. it is revealed that the character Tony Almeida survived his apparent death from two seasons ago because Henderson, the alleged killer, purposefully missed THE artery, while stabbing him gruesomely.

It is commonly assumed that there are 20 arteries in the human body and at least as many ways of explaining away a TV character's apparent death and bringing him back into a series; however the writers came up with the purposeful miss of THE (one and only) artery. Hence this became a new standard for lame and sloppy writing.
H8er, arrogant: "'24' never really jumped the shark, but totally missed THE artery with that backwoods cracker fuck sub plot in season 8."

Fanboi, erratic: "NO! They purposefully dragged on the redneck penetration of CTU operations and hillbilly investigation of CTU personnel during a national crisis with international repercussions."
by wurzel_gemüse April 07, 2010
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THE artery - upcoming super power currently in the realm of internet memes. Sprung from the genius of writers for the kick ass TV series 24; bound to transcend the borders of virtuality thereby revolutionizing human physiology and existence in general.

Part of the words of wisdom: purposefully missed THE artery.

When Tony Almeida was stabbed and declared dead, the avid viewer of 24 already knew, this wouldn't be the end. Just two years later it was confirmed in the series, that his would-be killer intended to merely fake Tony's death by stabbing, for that he purposefully missed THE artery. Life and death is simple as that.
3 nerds discussing a scene from Lost

Nerd1: If Desmond is so rich, why didn't he fly first class, bruthas?

Nerd2: I thought it was implied he was in First class. He sat with Jack in economy and then went back to first class explaining why people think he 'vanished off the plane'.

Nerd1: Does that mean Chaaalie could have run into first class and vanished from the cops? No wonder first class is so expensive.

Nerd3: He had a bag of heroin pressing against THE artery. He couldn't have run anywhere. Come on!

Nerd1: THE artery is not bound by time, space or even television network. It will truly enslave us all.
by glasraí_fréimhe April 08, 2010
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