Artery is a blood vessel in your body which carries blood away from the heart to all parts of the body. They are thick and elastic to withstand the high pressure of the blood pumped from the heart. They also have a small lumen .
The artery helps to bring blood to all parts of the body.
by smallsciencefacts February 2, 2018
THE artery, noun, thē ˈär-tə-rē

internet meme denoting extremely abstruse writing as well as any absurd situation in general

In the TV action drama series '24' season 7 episode 6, 1-2 p.m. it is revealed that the character Tony Almeida survived his apparent death from two seasons ago because Henderson, the alleged killer, purposefully missed THE artery, while stabbing him gruesomely.

It is commonly assumed that there are 20 arteries in the human body and at least as many ways of explaining away a TV character's apparent death and bringing him back into a series; however the writers came up with the purposeful miss of THE (one and only) artery. Hence this became a new standard for lame and sloppy writing.
H8er, arrogant: "'24' never really jumped the shark, but totally missed THE artery with that backwoods cracker fuck sub plot in season 8."

Fanboi, erratic: "NO! They purposefully dragged on the redneck penetration of CTU operations and hillbilly investigation of CTU personnel during a national crisis with international repercussions."
by wurzel_gemüse April 7, 2010
A place where art is sold to the public. Different from an art gallery because the art is generally local and cheaper.
We went to the artery to buy more cheap paintings!
by milapwiki February 22, 2011
Food so inherently fatty that your arteries are getting completely fucked by eating them. Often whilst in the process of eating these foods you can feel yourself getting heavier and your breathing tighter.
Can also be used to refer to a period of excessive unhealthy eating.
Examples include: bacon fried in grease, scones and clotted cream, battered mars bars.
"scones and clotted cream, I can't get enough of them. But srsly what an artery fuck."

"today was a total artery fuck, what with that battered mars bar for lunch followed by a large portion of chips with extra salt."
by spacer_ October 8, 2009
When a group of people walk in a fashion that blocks a hallway or pathway making it impossible to walk around.
by AndrewRice! August 3, 2011
A huge ass artery in your leg.
Peter cut his femoral artery... he's dead now.
by millionmax May 26, 2010