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The 5 is a very serious group of men, not boys. People might try to copy the name or start a false image. In the end everyone knows who the real 5 are and nothing could change that. Not even a bunch of girls who don't have a 5.
by JDBMOC August 30, 2016
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"The Five" is a reference to the American city of New York City. Modern day New York City was formed by the amalgamation of the five boroughs of Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island formed in 1898.
"When are you coming to New York?"

"I'll be back in the 5 tomorrow."
by CoolStoryMat May 21, 2016
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The "5" is a common saying from people that live on the eastside of Seattle, specifically East King county. It is a representation of the area code 425.
" we're out here in the 5"
" runnin thru the 5 with my woes"
" gotta love the 5"
by GuntherTRILL March 12, 2015
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Refering to Highway 5 that stretches from the California/Mexican border in San Diego, all the way up to Canada.
"How are you guys gonna get to the game? We'll probably just hit the 5 for a little bit."
by all4padres June 28, 2008
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