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Tit-to-gut ratio. When a girl has bigger tits than her gut, she has a positive TGR. When a girl has smaller tits than her guts, it's a negative TGR.
All I want to find tonight is a girl with a positive TGR. Do not let me hook with another girl who's stomach is much bigger than her boobs. I'm done climbing the mountain to get to her tits.
by Cram Ubra March 23, 2010
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Three Family's Who Just Sit And Chill And Smoke Pot On The Daily And Accomplish Everything In Our Pathway To Show The Love And Graditude We Have For One Another Its A 1847 Block Thing.
It's A T.G.R Thing ?
by T.G.R 847 August 26, 2017
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TGR stands for "tooth-to-gum ratio". Women with a high tooth to gum ratio show excessive amounts of tooth in relation to the amount of gum. Ex: Nancy Kerrigan
"Damn! That girl's TGR looks like a bunch of tic-tacs laying on an an 8 pound pussy!"
by KingJust June 15, 2009
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a roblox star wars wannabe group that takes things too seriously and people lose their girlfriends so they can rank up in it

i just got officer in tgr guys i'm so cool
by notedstaff May 23, 2018
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