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That's Fucking Funny. For those who refuse to adopt "LOL" as a means of conveying joy and laughter via text messaging. TFF is a more appropriate response to a witty text message or photo than "LOL". The actual act of "Laughing Out Loud" rarely occurs.
Greg, "Dude I had the worst dream last night that my Mom caught me masturbating. It was humiliating."

Joel, "TFF"
by Mr. Joel January 13, 2014
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Total Frat Fag

You're everyday fraternity douche bag.
GDI #1: Look at that d-bag in the Polos and Sperry's. There isn't even a boat within 20 miles of here.

GDI #2: Ya, what a TFF.
by GDILVR January 15, 2011
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Too Freaking Funny or Too Fucking Funny, used because Lol is old and annoying and anyone who says lol can get a punch in the face from me
by Blondegirl13 December 05, 2010
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Token Fat Friend

Can also be referred to as DUFF but in this instance, the token fat friend is not considered ugly. Usually considered to have "such a pretty face."

Every girl has one so they can be considered the more attractive one when going out to bars.
Dude, I'm trying to hit this chick, help me out and take on her tff.
by missannw November 22, 2009
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