The stance that it is sex, not gender, that should categorize people as men and women. It denies that trans women are actual women, and trans men are actual men. Gender critical people consider sex to be more important than gender in most contexts, especially when talking about female oppression.

Gender from their POV only consists of sexist stereotypes that should be abolished, not encouraged. According to them, anybody can be as feminine or masculine as they want, no matter what their sex is. It does not change whether they are a man or a woman. They usually don't believe a person can "choose" their pronouns, but that they simply refer to a person's sex.

They are often called TERFs by others, but consider this a slur and inaccurate. TERF implies that their feminism excludes all trans people, which is false - it actually includes trans men.
"What, you don' t believe trans women are women!??"
"No, I'm gender critical. Trans women are men and trans men are women."
by MythDestructor February 14, 2022
People that believe women are only defined by vaginas.

It’s another word for TERF, because they think TERF is a slur somehow lol.
1: “you trans women aren’t real women- you don’t have a vagina!”
2: “ok, terf
1: “nooo you can’t call me that! It’s “gender critical”, stop using slurs on me stupid TIM!
by CoolBeanz81 March 7, 2021
A fancy phrase terfs use for transphobia.
"Joanne says she's gender critical, but she's just a transphobic fuck."

"I'm gender critical, leave me be!!!!! I can invalidite your identity however I want!!1"
by Jordan Pilgrim August 31, 2021
Used by feminists, and is exactly as the name suggests - critical of gender and the huge increase in transgenderism. Gender critical feminists believe in being skeptical of harmful behaviour and the side effects that may be directly or indirectly caused by transgenderism itself and the „affirming“ surgeries.

Risks inc;

predatory behaviour

failed transitions

severe complications due to hormone blockers

life long , chronic damage due to SRS
and the grooming of young children to believe they are trans despite just being kids.

“I believe in gender critical feminism. I don’t necessarily NOT support trans people but I think it’s worth being wary
by bunn1es April 7, 2021
A euphemism for transphobic. Not to be confused with being critical of gender, which many trans people are.
The gender critical forum spends all day engaging in targeted harassment of trans people
by Queen Buttrix February 12, 2022
The belief that some women are men. See also: TERF, transphobia.
Joanne, a gender critical famous writer, called the police when she decided that the women in the public bathroom was a man.
by Ni02 November 27, 2021
Another word for Terfs and their beliefs.

People who believe gender critical ideology are racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic transphobes that claim to fight for women's rights whilst threatening anyone who disagrees.

They also must believe and support everything their lord and saviour JK Rowling says.
You're wrapped up in Gender Critical ideology.
You're a gender critical bigiot
by TransRights101 December 29, 2022