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TDO (total dick outline): The visible penis outline, a man has when he is wearing basketball shorts or sweat pants.
Wow, check out the TDO on that jogger!
by Nomar P. Jr. April 06, 2009
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just the hipest cat out, smokes weed ereday. always wears shorts ( unless its important for him not to ) can do backflips, totally digs beenie's and snap back's can do a front flip. hetro life mate is someone called Zakk Bryce also a mad kunt. T-dos can pull billys like a champ and drinks like a bitch, but his impressive bud smoking skills make up for his lack of drinking ability. just to sum up the person that is T-dos ......................... A FUCKING MAD KUNT. who hates douche bags and wankers and kuric big headed mother fucker.
Oi T-dos come have a billy.
"yo who is that fresh cat rocking those hip kicks?"
"oi nah kunt thats T-dos"
"tru god"
"what a mad kunt".
by yerbrowhatsup? November 22, 2011
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Tactical Day Off: when somebody takes a day off school/college in order to catch up on work, or avoid a deadline. Not to be confused with bunking, which is done simply for amusement/lack of motivation.
Teacher: Where is Bloggs? 'Ill', again?

Class: TDO, sir.


Bloggs: I do IB; TDO's have become a necessary part of my schedule.
by dbmag9 February 24, 2010
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Abbreviation of two-dot-ooh. Used to describe a website that makes excessive use of Javascript, rounded corners, jelly buttons and mirrored logos to fit in with the new Web2.0 crowd and try and look cool.
Look at all that AJAX! This site is really TDO.
by Maulkin May 15, 2007
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