Similar to the "shocker". Instead of 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink. There's 1 in the pink (the taxi driver) and 2 ini the stink (the passengers)
I gave Brady's mom a taxi cab last night.
by tbiddle May 24, 2006
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"how you going to get to that outrageous party?"
"i'll be taxi cabbing it"
by blahblablabh July 11, 2009
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when a resenbly, ok HUGE fat man wears a yellow rain coat and is mistaken for a taxi cab, aka a gary
i need a taxi cab, TAXI....TAXI!....oh sorry gary..
by hjhgkgb.mhkjgh.kjutytfjhui6rfu January 24, 2009
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1) A whorehouse or brothel for gay men, primarally a European or Australian term. Also commonly know as 'taxi club'.
Ex 1: I thought the place was a club, but when that guy in fishnet started coming on to me, I realized it was realyl just a taxi cab!

You mean a taxi club? For reals? Man, that's awkward.
by Anonymous 4 A Reason May 10, 2009
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When you are taking a taxi back from the bar to your house with all your friends and your one friend tells the cab driver to stop and jumps out on a random street.
Matt!!! What are you doing. Where are you going? This is not our street. Get back in the cab!!! Don't be a Taxi Cab Jumper!!!
by bigfred40oz June 20, 2011
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A Girl who charges sex by the mile.
$10 Per Mile.

M/S + M = T
T(N) = $10(N)
M = One mile in feet
S = Size of manhood (In inches)
T = Total amount of thrusts per mile
N = Number of miles

5280/8 + 5280 = 5940
5940(1) = $10(1)
5940 = $10

So, For every 5,940 Thrusts into the Vagina or Anus, the Taxi Cab Whore charges you $10


5280/7.5 + 5280 = 5984
5984(2) = $10(2)
11968 = $20

If you thrust her for two miles worth of your manhood, Taxi Cab Whore charges you $20
by The-Mountain November 22, 2011
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when you have no lube and you go into the refrigerator and put a big glob of butter on your cock. you then stick your cock in the ass therefore giving that bitch The Taxi Cab
my girl was on her period last night and i needed to bust a nut off. i decided to fuck her the ass but we had no lube so i greased up my cock with butter giving her the taxi cab
by the Big Riggs October 5, 2008
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