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(verb) To accidentally injure or mess things up.

Defined by the character from The Walking Dead, who - when trying to help Merle - tripped and screwed things up.

(noun) A clumsy person. A let-down.
Many African-Americans watching the first season of The Walking Dead, reveled in seeing a kickass show, then seeing the only black guy in the cast ... and finding out his name is "T-Dawg". Fizzling balloon moment.
(verb) Hey, be careful. Don't T-dawg yourself.

(noun) Ugh, that dude's a T-Dawg.
by HatterMadNow January 17, 2015
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A caller named T-Dawg from the York County School of Church who dials up the religious radio program Other Voices, who has just read his first 500 page bible, the Rick James Version, and is particularly interested in the book that comes after Genesis, that book being Super Nintendo. In this book, there is a man that comes out of the little room with a gun... or maybe it was a rock... no, it was a spear.
"Yo this is T-Dawg! Yeah I read the Bible, I go to church, I got my Bible from Walmart, the Rick James Version."
by Repeatclicks December 11, 2007
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T dawg a broski. He is dark dark brown and thinks he can rap. He has dark brown eyes and a mexican fro. He only hits the gym twice a month, he's lazy and has no rhythm. He makes music for the deaf. In most cases a T dawg is a virgin.
"Hey broski, have you heard that song "Lyrical Homicide cide cide" by T dawg"?
by HelloClifford July 12, 2011
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A true gangsta from the hood of boston.
Hes a true tdawg he dosnt care what the cops think of him and his bffl jmo they are soo hood!
by Tom DAly January 30, 2005
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1. A 6 foot 3 albino kid who has a fat sister and is part retarded or is a music stefant.

2. A nickname for the whitest kid you know
only use if you are also white
1. person 1 : "T-DAWG!!!"

2. R-train : "Yo T-dawg"
T-dawg : "Yo"
by T dawg February 09, 2008
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The true definition of a "TDawg" is one who zealously attempts to share "the truth" with everyone in a quasi religious manner ... usually driven by consuming large quantities of alcoholic beverages.
Shit mo' fo' ..... that Tdawg been preachin' to my ass all night.
by MDog221 July 16, 2006
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