short for a thunderstorm.
a shorter way to write 'thunderstorm.'
but NEVER pronounce it this way.
"It said it was supposed to t-storm," Chrissy said. "So it's surprising that it's so nice outside."
by tina grace August 10, 2008
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a passionate downpour of rain, with scattered BANGS! of thunder..
Scintilla: Whoratiam, don't forget your t-storm repellent rainboots! There are going to be some scattered t-storms throughout the day!

Whoratiam: Thanks, Scintillae! I'm going to meet Marcus ad forum. Don't worry, I'll remember to wear my extra special boots so that the t-storm doesn't get my toga all wet!
by blackwhiterose April 02, 2009
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multiple t-baggers targeting one sad, poor indivdual.
It's going to take 8 yards of floss to get all the hair out of his teeth from that horrible t storm
by Dr. Balkebartacomoosee July 28, 2008
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a thunderstorm.
you should never say it this way.
but you may write it that way.
if your name isn't chrissy, you probably already know that.
"i heard it was supposed to t-storm tonight, so the carnival might be canceled."

"it said it was going to t-storm. that's why there's lightening."

by tina grace. August 05, 2008
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