A modern butchering of the previously named "Sci-Fi Channel", which is about all things sci-fi.
by Noel Ratsu August 8, 2009
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1. Originating in Polish, meaning zits, cum or filth in the plural and syphilis in its singular form ("syf").

2. Slang term for syphilis, often used in a mocking or even affectionate fashion.

3. Name of a TV network that shows imagination-based programming to go with their illusionary ratings. Failing after a re-branding press release insulted its core audience.
1. Co to za syfy? (Eng.: What is this crap?)

2. Aww, man, you better wear some protection or you'll get the syfy.

3. There's never anything good on the Syfy.
by Cricket_B March 18, 2009
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New phonetic spelling for the Sci Fi channel. This is so people texting about their favorite programs on the channel will not have to unnecessarily overtax their brains or thumbs.
trek tonite syfy @ 8 make it so
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"Yo, dude! Did you hear that Jo-Jo caught syfy from that crack ho?"
by ZeroCorpse March 16, 2009
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Your final exam is due tomorrow and is worth 50% of your grade.'" "'SYFI, cuntz.
by srsrsr February 10, 2011
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abbreviation of "screw you, fuck you". Used in texting.
by DarcDweller March 18, 2009
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