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1. Originating in Polish, meaning zits, cum or filth in the plural and syphilis in its singular form ("syf").

2. Slang term for syphilis, often used in a mocking or even affectionate fashion.

3. Name of a TV network that shows imagination-based programming to go with their illusionary ratings. Failing after a re-branding press release insulted its core audience.
1. Co to za syfy? (Eng.: What is this crap?)

2. Aww, man, you better wear some protection or you'll get the syfy.

3. There's never anything good on the Syfy.
by Cricket_B March 18, 2009

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German city that's host to a goth festival and a gaming convention. Its most notable features are the huge-ass train station, the army of market research peons and the perpetual building site sprawling all over the inner city.
Market research peon: Could I have a moment of your time?
Student: Er... I'm not from Leipzig.
MRP: This will just take a minute-
Student: I no speak English.
by Cricket_B March 15, 2009

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The nickname for new no-longer-science-fiction-related TV network Syfy that was once called the Sci-Fi Channel. Syphy is phonetically equivalent to Syfy, but expounds on the obvious connection to venereal diseases.

Syphy is used among ex-fans of the network and SF/science fiction aficionados who believe that the re-branding press release was a slap in the face for anyone who enjoys sci-fi.
There is another bad monster movie on Syphy.

TV Watcher #1: What's on Syphy tonight?
TV Watcher #2: That sounds like an STD.
TVW1: Huh. You're right, I guess it does!
by Cricket_B March 18, 2009

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