Colloquial way of saying "buddy" in Kannada language.
Hi sya!

Come here sya Akshay.

How are you sya?
by Adhekannu April 13, 2020
a "study-abroad" program in Spain that is "academically rigorous" but is actually a big excuse to get drunk and hook up. A web of inscest with a little Spanish on the side that ostensibly provides drinking opportunities while parents think their children are learning important life skills.
"SYA has chanaged my life"
by Besos! May 12, 2005
Short for "See You" - is a variation of slang term "Seeya".
Aussie 1: I'm off mate - take care ay?
Aussie 2: No Worries Chief - Sya.
by markuz June 27, 2005
A "study abroad" program that exists in France, Spain, Italy and China... not for much longer. It has also existed in India and Japan cause those are fun too. This study abroad program is fantastic if you are in a European country. Imagine a boarding school, a boarding school were everyone can legally buy alcohol... The following culture is... messy.
Student: I wanna go to SYA
Friend: You are going to get so layed
by LNB aka Napoléon III January 7, 2016
It means see ypu at school, at least, that is for me and my friends.
Hey, I'm getting off the bus. Syas.
by cupcakes52kj1 February 18, 2021
Yes it is time for you to get that haircut, SYA.
by Alonzo Severo November 7, 2008
SYA (Shut Your Ass): When someone talks so much bullshit or nonsense he is asked to stop talking or shut his ass so the nonsense or lies will stop or the shit stops leaking from his verbal asshole.

Alternate meaning: When someone tells you something so amazing or unbelievable or too good to be true that you are in awe and dismay that you tell them to shut their ass because you think its utter bullshit.
Dominic: I'm telling you i seen her with my own eyes, the chick in the car next to me was Kim Bassinger and she was checking me out!

Angel Baby: Shut Your Ass (SYA) Dom, you're such full of shit you wish that was her in that car checking you out, Keep drinking and Shimmy Sham will start dancing nude in this mofo!
by Zio Carmine/Don Gesu October 4, 2011