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A typing error that occurs while using swype texting on Android phones. Especially common when the texter is in a hurry, or has partaken in several adult beverages.
Example 1
Person A: I'm pregnant going out tonight
Person B: WHAT?!
Person A: Sorry, that was a swypo, I meant probably*

Example 2
Person A: Toy font have ti picnic
Person B: Huh???
(After trying to decipher their own message because of inebriation)
Person B: You don't have to panic*
by Orphan Stomper January 20, 2011
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A typo that occurs from using swype on an Android phone.
I tried to tell my friend "por favor", but I made a swypo and ended up telling him "porn favor"
by EatAtJoes November 16, 2012
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Typos made whilst using the swype application on smart phones.
Text 1: He's hat
Text 2: Swypo, oops meant to say he's hot...
by VanEthan September 24, 2010
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A grave error made while screening online suitors
Guy: hey girl. We're a match. Did you like my shirtless bathroom selfie?
Girl: That was a swypo
by xynzee April 13, 2016
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