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adj. A lying, manipulative person. Either a natural liar, or very good from years of experience. Made famous by tv's House M.D.
Matthew: Man, your girlfriend is SO swoft sir.
Tim: What the hell does that mean?
Matthew: She's a lying manipulative person.
Tim punches Matthew in the face*
Matthew: Whore.
by Parada March 08, 2010
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Noun: A manipulative liar; a mendacious manipulator; a compulsive liar; a charlatan. Etymology: From "House" Fox channel's enduring TV medical drama.
She's not the president of the bank, she's a janitor at the middle school. Everyone knows she's a swoft.
by aliterate February 19, 2011
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To rhythmically move ones hand back and forth to the beat of a song or rhythmic tune in an artistic fashion.

It is proper be performed by the dominate arm while the hand is held in a flat curved-like gesture similar to the upper right or left hand corner of a square. The back should be kept straight and the hand is placed somewhere above the chest and below the neck while the non-dominate arm is kept to the side. The neck, and shoulder plays a crucial role in a successful swoft session, as generally it travels the opposite way of the hand and is over-emphasized in preparation for a beat change. The swofter's face must be kept grim, stiff and serious throughout the action. Generally the swofter's eyes are kept looking straight forward and fixed on a general location.

The arm motions of a swoft are generally kept short, fast and to the point; but can also be exaggerated and curved for style factor. The height of the hand can also be changed as if it were a scale for certain songs where appropriate.

Certain music can be easier, or more tiring to swoft to. For instance, War's, Low Rider would be ranked as an easy song, whereas Dragonforce's Through The Fire and Flames would leave someone tired and quite breathless after swofting to each jagged beat of the entire song. For this reason, only part or parts of a song are swofted to where appropriate.

Swofting is not exactly a dance as one would think, but is more of a simple pastime that one may do for entertainment and can also be performed while sitting down. (Such as waiting for a video game to load which features a unique beat, or to an awesome guitar riff from a hardcore song when that part comes up.)

Trumpet noises from the mouth may also incorporate an entertaining swoft. Swofting can be done alone, but should only be done around other people when at least one other person around understands the swoft and finds it entertaining and "gets it."

Many have tried to swoft but have failed miserably in an effort to mimic or grasp it's overall concept. It takes a true artist of motion and good sense of humor to grasp its full potential and art form.
"Dude, that part of the song is so fun to swoft to."
by ZPr13st June 18, 2009
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When you try to type "soft", but your hands clench up.
Awww, this is cat is so swoft!
by David.issa.finna July 17, 2018
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