whenever a males penis is covered in a female’s fecal matter while having sex with said woman and the man ejaculates into the feces creating a “homemadeSwiss roll.
This bitch was nasty, she didn’t wipe her ass before we smashed and she made me a homemade Swiss roll on my dick.
by Chad Chett January 14, 2022
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When one is finished taking a shit he/she wipes without ripping the toilet paper and proceeds to roll the toilet paper back up, thus leaving a shitty surprise for the next user.
Charlie: hey why do your fingers smell like shit?
Alex: oh I got Swiss rolled by Ian.
by Poopyfinger October 12, 2015
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When a guy performs auto fellatio, and then another guy curls up from behind and fucks him in the ass.
"Last night was crazy, I was going down on myself and Luiz turned me into a swiss roll"
by QuotesByBel April 25, 2019
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Irish slang for arse (swiss roll - hole) as in up your swiss
Word for jelly roll outside America. Jelly roll, used in jazz circles as slang for sex, intercourse, female genitals

See also Swiss cake role
Swiss Roll: "Jelly roll killed my pappy, and run my mother stone blind"
by trust_44 October 29, 2005
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When a man is getting a blow job and he throws up on his dick and the girl continues to blow him
Dude that Swiss Roll last night really hit the spot after a night of getting schwasty. I was back at the bar minutes later!
by Cialis July 2, 2011
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The mixture of semen and feces that comes about from taking a shit on a woman's chest, tit-fucking her, and then climaxing into the center of the shit.
"Dude, Check out this video -
Ellen Degeneres totally ate his swiss roll!"
by MaccabeeWarrior August 1, 2012
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Drooping boobs jammed into a uplifting bra.

Breasts are rolled up like a swiss roll with the nipple in place of the Jam.
She's got her Spaniels ears jammed into that top like swiss rolls.
by Sandy Ritchie February 19, 2008
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