Luiz is a name very common in Brazil, it is pronounced just like Luis.
Luiz is a very cool, nice, hot and funny guy. Always makes people happy. An awesome person!
I met this hot and funny Brazilian guy named Luiz.
by brazman January 30, 2012
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Luiz is a typical brazilian name. Odd at first encounter, he will soon open up and be one of the most funny, caring and romantic guys out there. His favorite color is most likely green and he probably have some type of pet. Sometimes he might come off as an insecure teenage boy or as an outgoing young adult. Whatever the case, his sexy accent, charming personality, and hot af looks will have you dripping in minutes..jkkk ( or am I 🤔😉) but honestly he will be one of the most amazing guys you will ever meet.
•"Oh that guy is such a Luiz"

•"I wander what his name is.."

-"His name is Luiz, his personality his

so sweet !"
by MyPapai June 1, 2017
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Luiz is a brazilian guy with curls , bad jokes and always drunk!
* He is such an Luiz con z!

* - ¨I didn´t get this one!??!!?¨

- ¨No worries it´s just Luiz jokes¨
by la_kuchka August 3, 2011
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Luiz is a Kurdish name. A Luiz would usually get into fights and not care about the consequences. His favourite colour would be green and he would have four pets 3 birds and a cat. A luiz would be the most amazing boyfriend and would stick up for you no matter what, when he makes friends he usually keeps them because they mean the world to him. He would easily get a girlfriend maybe someone called Sammy.
Did you see that Luiz he is so amazing
by Hot Knightly July 2, 2018
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She’s an awesome friend. Slightly crazy but with a big heart. She is addicted to Netflix and absolutely loves to watch series and movies, especially in the cinema. She usually has brown short/mid-long hair and hazel/amber eyes. Luize is very hyperactive and doesn’t like to do exercise. She is a friend for a life time.
Girl 1: Do you know anyone amazing?
Boy 1: Yeah, Luize.
by Megan Maria October 17, 2019
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luiz is a common name in brazil instead of luis. its pronounced pretty much the same but with more of a zz at the end.
i know this cute boy named luiz from brazil. :)
by shaayna July 23, 2006
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A player who doesn’t know how to defend and doesn’t know how not to get red cards
Bro you just let the goal in you pulled a David Luiz
by X-Mansoor June 17, 2020
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