White people who live in trendy apartments downtown and show all the characteristics laid out on the website "Stuff White People Like." Phonetic pronunciation of the acronym SWPL, for Stuff White People Like.
I was driving past whole foods and I almost ran over about 30 goddamned swipples headed across to the Starbucks.
by Herpo Marx January 13, 2011
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when you’re with someone and you know you’re supposed to be with them bc you have always known and now you just really know.

Basically when a twinflame becomes a wild fire.
When I gematria’d his name and my grandma’s middle name came up on the 7th page, I just KNEW he was my swipple!!!
by icey.kraken July 21, 2021
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To beat another with one's own body part in a flailing motion. In sexual terms it's synonymous to cockslapping.
Meet me behind the school at 3, I'm gonna swipple yo' ass.
I swippled that girl with my big d just last night.
by DiegoNegro December 12, 2010
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a mixture of the words "sweet" and "nipples" which indicate both "appreciation" and "greatness". This word denotes a fine achievement, or anything proving to be good, awesome, triumphant, or beneficial.

VARIANT: The abbreviated variant to this word is "SWIPPS", which is just a shorter version that is equally as effective.
I will provide 2 of each. you decide

Example 1 (swipples): Hey bro, I just made $100 off of your sister which, in my book, is pretty damn SWIPPLES.

Example 2 (swipples): Dude, that guys' kick drum tone is straight up SWIPPLES

Example 3 (swipps): Dude, the new Mastodon album is pretty SWIPPS

Exanple 4 (swipps): i just won $8 on this scratcher, SWIPPS!
by thefallingdream January 17, 2010
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Like swass but with nipples! AKA sweaty nipples!
Dude, look! That chick over there has swipples! Gnarly!
by Jon March 29, 2005
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A physical condition characterized by a pronounced perspiration on and around the areolas. Derived from the English contraction of sweaty and nipples. Not to be confused with swesticles, a condition predominantly found in males.
by Frankie Saez June 5, 2007
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