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Adj; The ugliest word known to mankind. Used to describe something truly horrifying. The use of the word causes one to have a gag-reflex or even have their genitals fall off.

Noun; Also the name of a street in Esquimalt, British Columbia, the inhabitants of which are ordinary people, it's just the road itself.
Example 1:
Geoff: Yo Rick, did you see Robert the other day?
Rick: Yeah, his goatee looked like Swinford.

Example 2:
Eric: So I walked on Swinford St the other day, I held my breath the entire way across.
Jennifer: It sucks that you have to walk along it to get to the Rec Center, eh?
by LX;O September 30, 2012
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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