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A place where you could get away with stuff and have it blamed on the municipality due to its "ghettoness", although it is far from that. A notable amount of the troublemakers aren't even from the neighbourhood and instead use its bad rep (from over 30 years ago that's long dissipated but still floating around) as an excuse to do stupid stuff.

Otherwise, it's a quiet neighbourhood with nothing to do that has a Canadian Forces base located on the western end of it.
Person A: Oh what's this, 4 assaults in Esquimalt this weekend? How typical.

Person B: On the contrary, the people that executed the assaults weren't even from Esquimalt, but in fact Sooke and other far places (by foot). Do you even check your facts before making a stupid assumption?
by CaesarsPizzaSux March 04, 2011
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The other ghetto on vancouver island. If you want to get wasted, go to the cairn, saxe point or flemming. Crack babies and crack heads are everywhere. Crack heads trip out by the tim hortons in esq. There are enough prostitutes for a whole army. Esq also houses the worst gangs in esq by bamfield park.

Ghetto by the sea, the place shoaling waters! NATIVE PRIDE!
Tourist: Is this the ghetto of victoria?
Me: fuck yeah, you gonna get curb-stomped bitch
Tourist: already happened to me
Me: welcome to esquimalt
by escamoe March 07, 2007
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