I'm the smok!
by Crist Phish April 20, 2003
A term widely used for someone that accomplished the impossible and accepted by his crew. Like fucking a celebrity or won the lottery!
Lookout for my man H. , he's a made Smok.
by Rickard A. April 21, 2003
A word used for dench mods which produce mad clouds
by Joji smok July 6, 2018
A fatter juul with cheaper mods.
Yo can I get a rip from your smok.
by Crediblesea November 12, 2018
When an 8 year old finds an overused joke but spells it wrong. Used a lot from people who thinks they can sound cool.
(Dont do drugs kids)

8 year old:I liek to smok wed ev3ryday
Me: Woah, I can define this but get 5 likes, and also trigger kids! Cool!
by Oxxn November 18, 2017
After you hit your 50 nic smok and feel schmacked, thus leading to the feeling of being smok schmacked
Damnnnn bro I just got smok schmacked
by slumptedsara April 27, 2019