When a guy performs oral sex on a female until she cums on his face. There is a very distinct difference between guys who give head and guys who swim. Men who go swimmin truly enjoy it and eagerly look forward to their facials. Get you a man who can swim and don't let him go...wrap your legs around his neck instead.
Swimmin is a popular exercise and may soon become a spectator sport
by Sierra Jade 17 March 23, 2017
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To sexually arouse a woman. Getting her wet and and staying under.
"Josh, came over....and he went swimming in my bed."
by RoZeS October 25, 2003
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1. staying in your own lane in the pool
2. telling the truth
3. not trying to hide anything
4. trying to appear straight
I'm swimmin' straight with you, I was in the pool trying to do some swimmin' straight, and this guy's looking at me and I'm like "hey, I'm swimming straight here," but I think he could tell that I just was swimmin' straight with him.
by str8swimr July 10, 2004
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Used in regard to hair and its maintenance procedures, whereby one sustains their natural or artificial curls.

Though often said by males, females can also "keep it swimmin" with little or no change in connotation.
Angela: Damn, Marcus, your hair looks tight. You going to the ball?
Marcus: Nah, girl, I'm just keepin' it swimmin'.
by alex_trebek June 19, 2009
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Meaning that you have so many girls, that you can not breathe;to be in the act of pimpin.
Man, Joe, I am swimmin in pimpin.
by Tezzle Kendall (KC) November 20, 2004
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A restaurant phrase used when a garnish or lemon is placed with a dish that has some sort of fish.
Cook: "Order up!"
Server: "Thanks dude."

Cook: "Hey man, If it's swimmin put a lemon."
by hey miss! September 30, 2009
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