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A Swiftie wannabe, who obviously does not know a lot about Taylor. Has heard of songs like "I Knew You Were Trouble." And "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" but most likely never heard of songs like "All Too Well" or "I Almost Do". Will go around telling people they are Swifters. Annoying. Similar to Directionators
"Hi Taylor! I'm your biggest fan-I'm a Swifter!"
by Swift_Styles13 March 09, 2013
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noun: Stereotype founded in New Jersey by a bunch of kids (origin: Controversial 2). made up of people who like to have variety in their lives and defy all other labels. the wardrobe of an everyday swifter comes from a plethora of different styles. (e.g. punk, preppy, indie, emo, scene, retro, mosher, skateboard, surfer, etc.) overall swifters follow their own paths and nobody elses. their personality is all their own and they listen to any type of music. NOTE: SWIFTERS DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE SWIFTERS.
You'se such a swifter. And I don't mean the vacuum cleaner.
by NINAnMELYKA July 26, 2006
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A gamer who plays Rainbow six seige and loves to play video games all the time also is a Mexican who Has bad connection identified as a Tachanka turret
Why is he such a swifter
by Savage Sweat September 08, 2017
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