A Swiftie wannabe, who obviously does not know a lot about Taylor. Has heard of songs like "I Knew You Were Trouble." And "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" but most likely never heard of songs like "All Too Well" or "I Almost Do". Will go around telling people they are Swifters. Annoying. Similar to Directionators
"Hi Taylor! I'm your biggest fan-I'm a Swifter!"
by Swift_Styles13 March 9, 2013
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Much like a swiftie but blindly defend taylor, void of all opinions. Will attack anyone (even other swifties) who disagrees with taylor. They are most commonly found on Instagram within the age range of 9 -13 and 40+. Will most likely have a username like @taylor.swiftie.is.my.fave1989

"The swifters are at it again"
by NewYorkAlligator April 19, 2018
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A fan of Taylor Swift who’s so far up her ass they could reach the heavens. They base all their opinions and morals by asking themselves “what would Taylor do?”
*Swiftie =/= Swifter
Swifter: Ugh I hate Kanye West!
Swiftie: Shut up, swifter, we all know you only hate him because of the beef
Swiftie: Katy Perry’s new song is so good I’m shook
Swifter: 😱😱 how DARE you??!! Do you HATE Taylor or something?? Ugh 🙄 disgusting.
Swiftie: ....
by sneakingoutlate March 29, 2018
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To make a positive change in the appearance or character of an alcoholic or addict in recovery. Typically such a change is dramatic and pronounced.
Ramsey is an obnoxious, little, fucking piece of shit. He needs to be swifterized before it's too late.
by Swifterize August 15, 2014
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noun: Stereotype founded in New Jersey by a bunch of kids (origin: Controversial 2). made up of people who like to have variety in their lives and defy all other labels. the wardrobe of an everyday swifter comes from a plethora of different styles. (e.g. punk, preppy, indie, emo, scene, retro, mosher, skateboard, surfer, etc.) overall swifters follow their own paths and nobody elses. their personality is all their own and they listen to any type of music. NOTE: SWIFTERS DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE SWIFTERS.
You'se such a swifter. And I don't mean the vacuum cleaner.
by NINAnMELYKA July 27, 2006
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Tonking biffta, A huge zooty packed with ganja, cannabis

Mampi swift an amazing DNB DJ
Lets smoke a mampi

I just blazed a mampi swifter, im bashup
by J G KEMPSON February 27, 2008
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Someone who secretly likes Taylor Swift and hides their admiration as to not invoke harsh comments by their peers.
Guy 1: "So what kind of music are you in to?"

Guy 2: "Mostly country, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, along those lines."

Guy 1: "Did you just say Taylor Swift?"

Guy 2: "No! I mean't Johnny Cash! Sheez did you think I was some kind of Secret Swifter?"
by Mindistortion November 18, 2011
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