HOT HOT HOT! Amazing on guitar! Romantic songs! Amazing voice that makes you swoon! HOT! Wonderful artist! HOT! Seems to be a great guy all-around! HOT! Wonderful musician! ...and did we mention HOT?
I love Brad Paisley! Nothing can compare to his amazing hotness and talent!
by Zum Zum Fanny August 1, 2006
A weak ass moustache that looks like a 17 year old has been trying to grow for three weeks, but only has a vague shadow. (commonly worn by country music star Brad Paisley)
I didn't have time to shave this morning so now I have a Brad Paisley moustache.
by Whackmaster November 30, 2007
Kick ass country singer from West Virginia and he is fucking peng 👌
I do like myself a bit of Brad Paisley
by Metallica August 24, 2022