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A Swetha is the purest person you'll ever meet. Even her name means pure! The shy and quiet kind of girl at first, but always is around friends. Very beautiful on the inside and out. She is small but quick minded and so smart, which makes her artistically creative. Loves to smile and laugh and make people around her smile all the time.Really close to her friends and is a true friend herself, she will stand up for anyone of them and do anything for anyone of them. Also really close with animals and nature. A Swetha is the prettiest, purest, most perfect person to ever meet. Oh and her voice has that amazing melody. This girls got a huge heart, but upset her and she be as quiet as can be but won't take it out on anyone. She can be very confident and try many new things, even if she's afraid, and has many hidden talents. Easy to get along with and everyone just loves her. Spaces out sometimes and thinks way to much on little things, but very very sweet. Looks like the most innocent person alive, but can show her most amazing gorgeous side. A kind of girl that puts others in front and her last. Not so sneaky and not a good fibber either.Any guy to know a Swetha is lucky, if you ever fall in love with a Swetha, guys don't let her go. And her friends, are lucky to have a Swetha as a friend too. The prettiest, purest, perkiest, and the most perfect person you will ever meet.
Wow, look at that awesome girl, she must be a Swetha
by bud1y April 09, 2015
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Honestly the sweatiest person and sweetest person to exist. A thug, a homie, and boss ass bish
Where’s Swetha? Probably sweating in a sweater
by love sweat and tears February 10, 2018
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The sweetest motherf***ing b**ch who ever walked this world. Blessed by the hands of God, this is a gift worth embracing. But don't be fooled; this sassy diva also makes a pretty decent enemy especially with her large army/squad behind her and when I say large I mean it. She is incredibly popular and has the voice of a siren. Boys are captivated with not just by her beauty but her confidence takes them like the Titanic. She is a seductress, someone you can't run away from so when the opportunity comes; take it to the top level...even in bed!
Oh, Swetha...ur known to be sweet but ur a beast in bed...
by Ani Srz February 11, 2018
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wonderful-absolutely wonderful
You remind me of Swetha-you must be amazing.
by lala March 24, 2005
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A Swetha is a gorgeous Indian girl with a heart of gold. She is a fierce dancer and a great friend. She is kind, fabulous, and lovely. She is also outrageously smart, she's a friggin' genius. She's fantastically gorgeous, a total stunner, she's tall and lean-she would be a great model.She is one of the most fun people you could ever wish to meet.

Person 1: "Who's that gorgeous Indian?"
Person 2: "She's a Swetha."
Person 1: "Who's that gorgeous Indian?"
Person 2: "She's a Swetha."
by Jpsoceanbabe June 01, 2009
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When one is invariably acting like the the demon child spawn that emerged out of the collective infected blistered vagina of Nancy Grace, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin without their charming good looks. When one is pulling a swetha, they are acting like a piece of shit straight from the gaping sphincter of hell.

Also can be applied to blowjobs. A toothy blowjob where one grips the cock hard and where the tongue feels like sandpaper is said to be a swetha blowjob.
Person 1: *enters room* Who the fuck are you to be here? Who are you, like who even are you? I'm better than you and you can't touch my class. Blowjobs are forever!

Person 2: You cunt bitch, stop pulling a swetha right now, no one gives a shit about your opinions or you.
by xonancygracexo November 08, 2010
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